MOSS Revele Pore Purifying Oil-to-Milk Cleanser


  • Skinacne, oily, dehydrated, blackheads, congestion
  • Size100ml
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Specially designed for acne-prone and congested skins.

  • Cleanses deeply
  • Removes makeup and SPF
  • Reduces appearance of sebaceous filaments
  • Reduces congestion and blackheads
  • Stimulates lymph, helping with skin detox
  • Contains myrtle, moss’s favorite EO for combatting acne

Recommended use for best results: use on dry skin, massage for at least 30 seconds, rinse with water.

Featured Ingredients

Safflower oil – carefully chosen due to the size of its molecular chain, which is the perfect size for a deep pore cleanse. Also high in linoleic acid, which acneic skins are often deficient in and which cannot be manufactured by the body, and must be supplemented.

Pumpkin Seed oil – is high in zinc and has been shown to help balance hormonal activity on the skin. Also includes significant amounts of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients – this raw pumpkin seed oil is a very dark green in color, indicating very high chlorophyll and phytonutrient content.

Perilla Seed oil – is beautifully anti-inflammatory with a unique fatty acid profile that is high in both Omega 3 and linoleic acid. Also has demonstrated activity against p.acnes bacteria.

Rosemary oil – is a circulatory stimulant and aids in moving blood and lymph fluid to detoxify.

Myrtle – THE essential oil for seeing improvement with acne.

This cleanser is designed to self-emulsify and rinses clean with water, eliminating the need for a cloth. This retains the benefits but eliminates the issues of oil cleansing.


Additional information


Safflower Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Perilla Seed Oil*, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Green Myrtle Oil*º, Rosemary Oil*º

Organic/Wildcrafted (90%)

º Non-photosensitizing

100% non-toxic, safe and gentle ingredients

Skin Concern

Acne, Blackheads, Congestion, Dehydration, Excess Oil, Hormonal Acne


100 ml full size, 7ml sample


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